co-inquiry into wholeness

how can we fully embrace wholeness
in our life and in our practice?

Tuning into our essential wholeness, we access infinite knowing and creative potential.
In that space of awareness, we become source of continuous expansion.

Yet, personal and cultural conditionings make it challenging to live our life from that generative space. To the point that we need to re-train our intuitive, embodied, unitive faculties.  

As leadership practitioners, reclaiming our wholeness is part of our responsibility as we restore our fragmented world.

In our co-inquiry groups, we mutually enrich our life and practice by exploring our embodied experience of wholeness and interconnectedness.
We reach new depths of awareness as we tap into the potential of our participatory universe and open to the Field of infinite possibilities.
We hone our skills as evolutionary agents by embracing the natural principles of life and regeneration.

We do that as we engage in creative, collaborative action-inquiry into our personal/professional growth edges in the perspective of wholeness. Through dialogue, contemplative practices, somatic, nature- and awareness-based developmental work, we experiment with organic expansion.

We bring the fullness of our ways of knowing--through mind, heart, body, and spirit--to ourselves and others. We expand our presence, develop more integrated ways of being and doing, and nurture (re)generativity, dancing with the flow of life.
Will you join the dance?

Cycles of 6 biweekly 90-min meetings

     Max 8 participants 

     Please reach out about the upcoming cycle

How does the perspective of wholeness change our ways of being present to ourselves and others? 

How can we expand our transubjective knowing and tap into the potential of our shared space? 

How does embracing wholeness impact our experience and contributions in the systems we evolve with?

What are the possibilities that unitive consciousness opens in our practice?