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developmental inquiry+practice

expanding consciousness,
honing our Self as instrument of evolution

As coaches, we can play a key regenerative role in the personal, social, and planetary crises of our time.

Engaged in constant expansion of consciousness, for ourselves and our clients, we can support the unleashing of human potential, capacities, and skills necessary to evolve in the current level of complexity.

Adult development theory offers frameworks to understand and support whole-being and whole-system evolution as expansion of consciousness. In the developmental perspective, human evolution occurs through shifts in awareness, as the ways of making meaning of ourselves, others, and the systems in which we operate become increasingly comprehensive and integrated.

So how can we coaches constantly expand our capacity to be conscious, compassionate, and engaging invitations to development?

It starts with our own developmental work!

Insights from developmental theory and practice show us that personal work is not enough. We need each other to grow. The expansion of consciousness is a relational process.

In good developmental company, we find unique invitations to dig deeper in self-exploration and self-discovery, and precious inspiration and opportunities for development. This is the invitation extended by the communities of developmental inquiry and practice.

International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited program
Upon full completion of the program, coaches receive 12 Continuing Coaching Education credits that can be used toward the renewal requirements of an
ICF credential

The program’s methodology builds on self-, mutual, and collective inquiry into the lived experiences of the participants as persons who are coaches.
The emphasis is on awareness-based, embodied, and creative ways of being in relationship, evoking awareness and supporting evolution.

Personal and professional development unfold simultaneously. Participants hone their capacities and skills as they grow personally, cultivating their quality of presence, deepening the integration of different aspects of themselves, and becoming more agile in the constant re-generation of their ecologies.

Each coach is invited to identify one specific personal growth edge they wish to explore within the group.

At each meeting, one topic and its implications for coaching are explored through relevant frameworks and practices that integrate mind, heart, body, and spirit in the perspective of wholeness.

In the intersessions, participants continue self- and mutual inquiry and practice through journaling, a post-session questionnaire and exchanges on a shared platform.

The facilitator/s introduce frameworks, inquiries, and practices, and everyone is ultimately co-responsible for the emergent process of each session and the experience we co-create.

If you wish to expand your inner and outer work in a community of like-spirited colleagues,
please join us!

8 weekly sessions of 90 minutes via Zoom
Upcoming dates: Thursdays April 28th to June 16th - 11 am PDT / 8 pm CET

Registration: USD 480
Please know that no one will be turned away for want of funds.

Our intentions:

- to expand our capacity for presence—to ourselves, our clients, and the shared field in the moment

- to develop and diversify our faculties to attune to our clients

- to evoke awareness around developmental themes/patterns/dynamics in coaching

- to develop capacity and skills for developmental integration

- to expand the capacity for “organic coaching,” emerging naturally from the relational process

- to expand systems-intelligence and develop capacities and skills to coach within a Whole-Self/Whole-Systems perspective.

Co-facilitators: Ilaria Distefano, PhD, PCC and Silvie Le Muzic, PhDc

Organization of the program

Module 1 – Expanding Presence

Session 1 – Being present to oneself in the moment.

Expanding self-awareness. Developing the capacity for maintaining presence to whatever arises in the here and now of the coaching.

Session 2 – Being present to self, others, and the field.

Expanding relational and ecological awareness. Developing the capacity for maintaining presence to whatever arises in the coaching relationship. Exploring the potential of relational attunement in coaching.

Module 2 – Deepening Integration

Session 3 - Being present to different developmental themes in self and others.

Expanding awareness of developmental themes. Developing creative, awareness-based, and somatic coaching practices supporting developmental awareness.

Session 4 – Building capacity for supporting developmental integration.

Listening into individual patterns and nurturing integration of different aspects of self and others.
Developing creative, awareness-based, and somatic coaching practices for developmental integration.

Session 5 – Building capacity for supporting developmental integration (continued).

Developing creative, awareness-based, and somatic coaching practices for deeper developmental work.

Session 6 – Building capacity for whole-system development.

Develop system view and the capacity to see and weave together patterns across systems in service of systemic integration.

Module 3 – Embracing Re-generation

Session 7 – Practicing “organic coaching.”

Embracing the natural process of regeneration for ongoing personal development as an evolutionary agent.

Session 8 – Bringing more of our wholeness to coaching.

Tapping into the whole-self within the whole-system for sustainable personal, mutual, and systemic development.