communities of
developmental inquiry+practice

expanding our consciousness, capacities, and skills as instruments of evolution

Our personal, social, and planetary crises call for the expansion of our consciousness.
More comprehensive and integrated ways of making meaning of self, others, and systems are required to evolve in the current levels of complexity.

As leadership practitioners, we can play a major role in the regeneration of our systems.

It starts with each of us. Our self is our main instrument, and for us to be effective and skilled evolutionary agents, it is crucial that we engage in developmental work.

So how can we expand our capacity to be conscious, loving, and engaging invitations to development?

Insights from developmental theory and practice show us that personal, individual work is not enough. We need each other to grow. The expansion of consciousness is a relational, ecological process.

In our communities of inquiry+practice we are committed to self, mutual, and systemic development. Together, we hone our capacities and skills as we explore, get muddy, and grow at our developmental edges.

on-line communities of inquiry+practice start throughout the year

8 biweekly meetings of 90 minutes via zoom

Our methodology builds on self-, mutual, and collective inquiry into the lived experiences of the participants, both inside the group and outside, in our personal and professional environments.

The facilitators suggest topics for each meeting while honoring what emerges organically within the community and, more broadly, in the larger environment. Each participant is invited to identify one specific personal growth edge s/he wishes to explore within the group. Everyone is ultimately co-responsible for the evolution of the community, the themes that we explore, and the experience that we co-create.

Development unfolds participatorily through dialogue and creative, embodied, and contemplative action-inquiry. The awareness-based nature of our work invites the participation of our whole person—mind, heart, body, and spirit. Our action-oriented inquiry implies practical experimentation inside and outside the program.

Together, we expand our presence to what is, inside and outside ourselves, in each moment.

We deepen the integration of different aspects of ourselves and different "others" in our environment. We become more spacious and skillful in support of others' work of integration.

We become more agile in the constant re-generation of ourselves and the systems we evolve with.

inquiry+practice at our growth edge

How do we continue to grow as persons AND in our practice?
How do we deepen our
self-inquiry, together?

How do we deepen our attunement to others, our environment, the Field?
How do we e
xpand our generativity, our agility, and responsiveness as instruments of development?

Please reach out with any questions and
to express interest in joining us!

Starting April 20th, join us in the AR+ Developmental Leadership for Transformations CoLab with Bjørn Uldall, Dana Carman, and Hilary Bradbury. Visit and reach out to learn more!