life coaching

on the path of thriving
in the complexity of life 

Life-changing transitions such as becoming a parent,

significant loss and grief,
embarking on a new personal, professional, or spiritual journey
lead us on a path of transformation
that can have profound impacts on who we are and the way we can contribute in the world.

With the voice of a leadership coach,
the knowledge of a researcher in the field of adult development,
and the heart of a woman having experienced and evolved through profound life-changing transitions,
I can help you to tap into the developmental potential of such experiences.

I can support you in your integration and recreation of yourself after an important personal/professional change,

your letting go of obsolete or limiting assumptions, loyalties, or views of yourself,
your letting come, owning and honoring a new sense of meaning and purpose,
your showing up in your relationships, work and communities as the new person you are becoming,
embracing your potential, and, from that space, offering your gifts to the world.

I am a Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation) and trained and certified in different coaching practices
(e.g. mindfulness-based, action inquiry, somatic work, generative coaching)
that allow me to explore the challenges and the resources of my clients in depth within a very practical orientation to transformation.

Every journey is different. Every coaching is different.
With each of my clients we co-create a specific coaching engagement and trajectory to support them on their path.

Feel free to get in touch to learn more and schedule a time to connect, at no cost, over the phone.


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