explorations into Oneness

individual and collective explorations
into the essence of our being

What does it mean for you to be awakened to your true nature,
and re-member our being One?

What difference does that make in your life, your relationships, your work?

Are you willing to explore and expand your conscious living?

Join me in one-to-one and collective conversations around our multiple, wonderful ways of weaving Oneness.

Past group conversations

ORSC Grapple with Silvie Le Muzic and the ORSC community:

From the courage to speak of love to the courage to lead as love.

For many of us, awakened by personal, societal, and planetary crises, it is becoming clear that “all we need is love.” And when we trust that inner knowing, and follow the thread of love, each in our very personal ways, we encounter the wisdoms of all times teaching us that we ARE love.
All that is, IS love.

Leadership practitioners are beginning to integrate this encounter of Love.
To ground the leadership discourse in our essential nature, do we have the courage to
lead as Love? What difference would that make? In the spirit of becoming and supporting Chief Loving Officers vision , leading AS LOVE to help further that vision.

Tuesday June 8th – 7 am PT – 10 am ET – 4pm CET – 4 pm SAST – 10 pm Singapore

Duration 75 minutes

The CRR Global Community Grapple is lovingly held by Sara Luther, Ntsiki Ndumela, Klaus Lombardozzi.

Feel free to connect if you would like to know more.

In our conversation with Rev. Dr. Toni Petrinovich on March 13th, 2021, we explored the following questions, and much more:

Are you ready to weave the wonder of Oneness?

How hard is it for you to view others as one with you?

Do you realize that All That Is IS all that is?

What does it feel like to live as One? What difference does that make in your life?

Our relationships with others—at home, at work, in this life or in other lives—trigger either a sense of union or a greater feeling of separation within you.

Would you like it all to be woven in the wonder of Oneness?

Feel free to connect if you would like to know more.