regenerative coaching

regenerate yourself,
regenerate your relationships,
regenerate your life

Are you ready to savor life more fully,
to live in harmony with who you are and with others around you,
and abundantly manifest what you desire?

My coaching can support you as you
inquire into your true nature and purpose in life
search for new awareness, new views of yourself and your place in the world,
nurture more life-giving relationships,

traverse important personal/professional transitions,

explore the spiritual dimension of your life,

tap into your potential for meaningful contributions in your communities.

I practice a creative, awareness-based and action-oriented coaching.
Every path of life is different. Every coaching journey is different.

Together, we can co-create a specific program to support you on your path.

Hypnotherapy can enrich a coaching journey and/or be experienced as a path in itself. It is a powerful way to access our most precious resources, overcome our personal challenges, and create what we most desire in the world.

Hypnosis allows us to access our emotional, somatic, and intuitive intelligence that connect us to the Field of infinite possibilities. In the relaxed, attuned state of hypnosis, we can learn about ourselves, our story, our deeper needs and aspirations, our obstacles and the strategies to overcome those, and discover new pathways to fulfilment and thriving.

I've been practicing hypnosis for 10 years, and journeying with my clients in the space across our conscious and unconscious mind is always an absolute privilege. The revelations that await us there are infinite, and so are the possibilities for healing and regeneration.

Get in touch or schedule a free 20-minute call over Zoom, Meet, Skype or phone,
to start designing your ideal program.

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"Ilaria’s presence, depth, and focus were key in helping me overcome my stressful, challenging situation at work. I used to leave our sessions feeling lighter and inspired. Every session allowed me to find a little more peace and clarity, and by the end of the program I was able to calm my anxiety much more rapidly whenever it surfaced. I was able to set new boundaries, take new risks, and enjoy my work again."

D. D.

"With her powerful questions and her constant support, Ilaria helped me find the confidence to succeed in my new leadership position. Throughout the coaching I was able to hone my executive presence and my leadership skills, and develop new alliances in my organization."

P. D.

"Ilaria brings a deep curious attention and genuine appreciation to whatever is emerging in our sessions. This masterful coaching quality helps illuminate the darker, silent, or undiscussible spaces where important insights lay waiting. Ilaria maintains stability in the midst of my shifting tides allowing me to test the waters of my mind, heart, and awareness which has yielded greater clarity, purpose, and actions."

C. N.

"I've benefited tremendously in growing my self awareness through my work with Ilaria during an especially challenging time during COVID. As a result of working with Ilaria, I've seen a direct translation of these emotional moments into breakthroughs at work that has rippled through people I worked with. Through a period of 6 months, Ilaria was able to connect dots from even our earliest sessions and reflect back to me some of the insights I had earlier. It was truly a blessing to have unconditional support and empathy while working with Ilaria, and I looked forward to our chats each week!"
M. L.

"I have been fortunate to receive Ilaria's luminous wisdom, incredible capacity for love, and her hypno-therapy skills to the extent that I have been able to largely let go of emotional blocks and trauma. My trust of Ilaria's skill, experience, and connectedness to something much larger that I am able to describe, leave me in deep humility, anticipation and joy for what lies ahead. Ilaria is truly an extraordinary coach and therapist, and nothing short of love embodied. I highly recommend Ilaria's skills, services and person."
S. L.