wonderful motherhood

embracing your new life as a mom

pre-natal coaching

Becoming a mom is an extraordinary, life-changing part of our journey as women, one that we want to live fully, and skillfully.

We cannot really anticipate how our life will change with a new baby, and we are never completely ready for that in advance, yet we now know that mindfulness and (self-)compassion can make a big difference in living a wonder-full transition.

Our coaching programs hold the space for you to cultivate your new way of being in the world as a mom. The different sessions invite you to do the inner work you need to prepare for the joyful and challenging transformation that awaits you and your dear ones.

You will develop and/or enrich your mindfulness and (self-)compassion practices; explore your concerns and your fears; learn strategies that can support your flourishing in different areas of your life with your little one/s here.

You will be able to honor your journey in its uniqueness and at the same time share inspiration and experiences with other moms in a safe and generative space.

You can opt for individual coaching and/or join a group of moms who, like you, want to become the best moms for their kids, and cultivate a healthy, happy, loving living.

Through guided practices, self-reflections, and dialogue, you will be able to:

connect with your purpose as a woman AND a mom,

engage in meaningful self-care,

develop awareness about your life-affirming as well as your toxic habits, relationships, and environments in this particular transition,

let go of what is no longer needed, and start creating your new life as a mom.

Join us any time during your pregnancy!

Please reach out with any questions and to register for individual and/or collective coaching.