What do we most want to create
from this personal and planetary disruption?

Join a special Co-inquiry Space

Our times of profound personal and systemic complexity are highly developmental.

We are all seeking ways to make sense of this experience,
to hold the space for ourselves and others as we navigate its ongoing challenges,
and, when we have the privilege of not having to struggle to survive in literal terms,

to perceive what of value is emerging from it.

Inquiring into this experience, especially in good company, 
has the potential to be a transformative work for ourselves and our communities. 
Our world is calling for it.

I wholeheartedly extend the invitation to all those who are committed to 
making these extra-ordinary times an opportunity for individual and collective growth 
to join a Co-inquiry Space and explore and experiment with what wants to emerge, through each of us,
from the current disruption.

I believe this is the time to dig at the heart of our experience,
process what is happening to us,
recenter around the lessons we are learning 
individually and collectively,
and focus on what we now most want to create for ourselves and our world.

I hold and facilitate Co-inquiry Spaces to support leaders
who wish to cultivate the continuous
expansion of their consciousness, capacities and skills
to contribute in the world in their unique way.

You can learn more about Co-inquiry Spaces here.

These special Co-inquiry Spaces are open in these extra-ordinary times
for us to process and consciously co-create from our experience.

Join us for 5 on-line meetings of 90 minutes

scheduled over 5 months,

with groups of 5 participants max.

I am offering the individual registration on a donation basis.

Please reach out to me to learn more about this program and how to join a group.


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