creating experiences and practices that can transform
the way you lead yourself, the way you lead others,
and the way your leadership ripples out into the world

With The Empire of Love initiative, we support executives, boards, and organizations that embrace the irony, the paradox, and the truth of love ultimately governing any evolutionary process. We help them to (continue to) grow and prosper in more organic and life-affirming ways based on universal laws.

Some are engaged in a major strategic and cultural transition responding to the personal, societal, ecological crises of our times,
some want to transform their organization’s mindset to magnify their service to the world,

some want to share and expand their personal commitment to be love in action, and allow everyone in their systems to reap the fruit of an expansion in consciousness.

We are three professionals from different horizons, with backgrounds in research, organization- and leadership development fields, adult development, sustainability and civil law, entrepreneurship, creative technologies, architecture, individual, organization- and relationship systems coaching, which we funnel towards the enhancing of human capacities.

Together, we create experiences and practices that can transform the way you lead as an executive, the way you co-lead as a board, and the way your leadership ripples out into the world. We serve you by partnering with you in letting emerge and co-creating what you know is on the horizon for you, personally and/or collectively. Our invitations are infinitely expandable—you set the limits.

Today, we would like to invite you to experience the transforming potential of Topaasia®, a very special systems-intelligence serious game. … If you have an important common goal to achieve with your team, a transition to accomplish, a major issue to tackle, or a complex decision to make, Topaasia® can bring you and your co-players to explore new frontiers of thinking, envisioning, and acting together.

Are you game?

We look forward to hearing about your current evolutionary work and steward it with you.

Silvie, Gabriella, and Ilaria

past Empire of Love events

November 2021

Within the
Choice Conference 2021,
the Empire of Love held a global
beat with leaders from different parts of the world and different fields,
to explore
leading as love as a way to shape a better future,
playing the serious game
Topaasia® Systems Intelligence.

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