hi, I'm Ilaria

I am a leadership coach and researcher,
constantly inspired by our individual and collective potential
for growth and fulfillment.

I have been helping people, entrepreneurs and organizations all around the world
through change and leadership development for over 15 years, 
serving clients from diverse horizons such as government and institutions, tech, finance, education, non-profit, energy, pharma and bio-tech, culture, design, luxury, manufacturing industry, etc.

As a certified leadership coach (PCC)
with a Masters in Business Coaching and various coaching certifications,
I integrate different approaches for a whole-person and whole-system developmental work

which is creative, awareness-based, and action-oriented.

My commitment, and my joy, is to support leaders

in the expansion of their consciousness, capacities and skills,

in their becoming more of who they are and in their offering their unique gifts to the world.

As a researcher in the fields of adult development, leadership development and coaching 
(PhDc in Leadership Studies), I am particularly interested in exploring developmental practices through action inquiry,
a participatory research method based on reflection-in-action for timely transformations.

In parallel to my organizational activities, I started a private practice as a life coach and hypnotherapist in 2010,
to support people from youth to seniors in their personal, relational and professional transitions.   

Committed to leadership development as a critical social change endeavor,
I also love mentoring student coaches, and teaching in the areas of leadership and coaching
within high schools, universities and global business schools.

As an International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach, I work in the respect of ICF code of ethics.

I am Italian and French, and I currently live in San Diego,

where my family and I enjoy the beauty of Southern California,

singing, dancing, playing, reading, meditating, and walking by the ocean.


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