Empire of Love's
of inquiry + practice

expanding consciousness and Leadership AS Love
honing our Self as an instrument of evolution

As leaders and leadership practitioners, we can play a key regenerative role in the personal, social, and planetary crises of our time.

Empire of Love therefore, supports the unleashing of human potential, capacities, and skills necessary to evolve in the current level of complexity.
And our main instrument is: our self—mind, heart, body, and spirit.

In the developmental perspective, human evolution occurs through shifts in awareness, as the ways of making meaning of ourselves, others, and the systems in which we operate become increasingly comprehensive and integrated. This expansion of consciousness implies opening to different ways of knowing, sensing, sourcing, that bring us at the heart of our interconnectedness. That’s where our leadership as love originates. From this expanded consciousness, we can more fully honor love as the force governing all evolutionary processes, practicing being love in action in every moment, and allowing our leadership as love to ripple out into our communities.

So how can we constantly expand our capacity to be conscious, compassionate, and engaging invitations to more leadership as love in the world?

8 weekly sessions of 75 minutes via Zoom
+ a 60-minute 1:1 coaching session with one of the facilitators

Upcoming dates: Thursdays August 29th - October 10th, 2024

Investment: Euros 75

The program’s methodology builds on self-, mutual, and collective inquiry into the lived experiences of the participants.
The emphasis is on awareness-based, embodied, and creative ways of being in relationship, evoking awareness, and supporting loved-sourced re-generativity.

Personal and professional development unfold simultaneously. Participants cultivate their quality of presence, deepen the integration of different aspects of themselves and the systems they evolve with, and become more agile in the constant re-generation of their ecologies.

Each participant is invited to identify one specific personal growth edge they wish to explore within the group.

At each meeting, one topic and its implications for leadership as love are explored through relevant frameworks and practices that integrate mind, heart, body, and spirit.

In the intersessions, participants continue self- and mutual inquiry and practice through journaling, a post-session questionnaire and exchanges on a shared platform.

The facilitators introduce frameworks, inquiries, and practices, and everyone is ultimately co-responsible for the emergent process of each session and the experience we co-create.

The program includes a 1:1 coaching session with one of the facilitators at the time that feels right for each participant.

Ilaria Distefano, Ph.D.

Gabriella Fenesi

Co-facilitators: Silvie Le Muzic, Gabriella Fenesi, and Ilaria Distefano, PhD,
co-founders of the Empire of Love initiative. 

Program Flow

Module 1 – Expanding Presence

Session 1 – Being present to oneself in the moment.

Expanding self-awareness. Developing the capacity for maintaining presence to whatever arises in the here and now.

Session 2 – Being present to self, others, and the field.

Expanding relational and ecological awareness. Developing the capacity for maintaining presence to whatever arises in relationship. Exploring the potential of relational attunement in leadership.

Module 2 – Deepening Integration

Session 3 - Being present to different developmental themes in self and others.

Expanding awareness of developmental themes. Developing creative, awareness-based, and somatic practices supporting developmental awareness.

Session 4 – Building capacity for supporting developmental integration.

Listening into individual patterns and nurturing integration of different aspects of self and others.
Developing creative, awareness-based, and somatic practices for developmental integration.

Session 5 – Building capacity for supporting developmental integration (continued).

Developing creative, awareness-based, and somatic practices for deeper developmental work.

Session 6 – Building capacity for whole-system development.

Develop system view and the capacity to see and weave together patterns across systems in service of systemic integration.

Module 3 – Practicing Leadership AS Love

Session 7 – Embracing re-generation.

Embracing the natural process of regeneration for ongoing personal development as an evolutionary agent sourced in love.

Session 8 – Bringing more of our wholeness into leadership as love.

Tapping into the whole-self within the whole-system for sustainable personal, mutual, and systemic development as love.

Empire of Love - Summoning Leadership AS Love
With the Empire of Love initiative we support executives, boards, and organizations that embrace the irony, the paradox, and the truth of love ultimately governing any evolutionary process. We aspire to assist growth and prosperity in more loving and life-affirming ways based on universal laws.