developing and expanding
regenerative systems

Let's co-create more life-sustaining futures for our organizations,
our communities, our world. We can only do that together. 

Our times call for a special quality of leadership,
rooted in expanded consciousness and constantly evolving with-in the environment,
pursuing personal and organizational growth, and societal change at the same time. 

regenerative leadership coaching

individual coaching 

supporting continuous development and fulfillment

I support leaders who are ready to make a different impact,
honor their bigger purpose,
manifest their true nature,
enrich their relationships,
better navigate the complexity of personal/professional transitions,
and tap into their potential for ongoing generativity and fulfillment.

My coaching invites self-inquiry and engages in creative experimentation
as a springboard for meaningful contributions in the world.

What are you called to create, change, develop?

global communities of leaders growing together

expanding consciousness, capacities, and skills to  develop ourselves, others, and our systems.
deepening impact and connections by leveraging personal, mutual and systemic potential for development.

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conscious organizational development

scaling developmental practices for the whole system

building on participatory action-inquiry for ongoing
systemic development 

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summoning Leadership as Love 

in partnership with Silvie Le Muzic, PhDc and Dr. Gabriella Fenesi

supporting executives, boards, and organizations that embrace the irony and the truth of love ultimately governing any evolutionary process.

With the Empire of Love initiative, we assist growth and prosperity in more loving and life-affirming ways, based on universal laws. We co-create experiences summoning Leadership as Love in organizations, honoring our true nature as One.

We work with leaders in creative and emerging fields who are committed to expand their consciousness and elevate their contribution in the world.

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Ilaria Distefano, PhD

+1 619 305 3495