restor(y)ing ourselves
through grief

growing through grief

individual and collective coaching cycles

Grief changes us.
It forces us into the depths of our being human, uncovering new versions of ourselves. New ways of thinking, feeling, acting, closer to our true nature.

As any form of life, our new ways of being in the world need nurturance to flourish.

Our coaching cycles support the ongoing restoration of ourselves through grief.
With our minds, our hearts, our bodies and our soul, we explore what has been changing for and in us, and what wants to emerge in the present.

This work cannot be done alone. Growing through grief requires human connection.
Together, we are invited to keep learning how to grieve, heal, and grow from the embrace of our experience as it unfolds. To show up in full colors
in our relationships, our work, our community.

We are mutually enriched by our respective ways of living and becoming through grief. And from the sacred space we hold for each other, our gifts emerge naturally.

We become the authors of new stories about ourselves: new ways of living our truth,
taking care of ourselves and others, honoring our beloved ones in the other life,
and making the world a
more beautiful place.

When we are ready to receive the gifts of our most challenging experiences in life, what we give back to the world is wonder.

The world needs your wonder. We hope you will join us.

A journey unfolding through 6 explorations

1. Honoring your story

Embracing grief and receiving the gifts on your path.

2. Restoring yourself, constantly

(Re)discovering healing practices and tools.

3. Re-storying yourself

What are you called to become through grief?

4. Crafting your contribution to the world

What are you called to create?
What is the deepest purpose you seek for your own, others’ and the greater good?

5. Shining your light

Manifesting your calling

6. Sustaining and expanding together

Building a bridge towards the future